Montag, 11. Juni 2012

NIKE Free - new in

As soon as you here the name "Nike Free" you should immediately think of a barefoot-like feeling. It is the most comfortable trainer and shoe I have ever worn.

This ultra-lightweight Nike Free shoe was combined for all training needs and is not only meant to be worn in the gym. As neon is a must colour right now, nike designed this shoe with some spicy trend colours to make people forget about the thoughts of a training shoe.

This is definitely a shoe I would wear not only for running but also for shopping or a long trip in the city.

Do you like my new nike free shoe?



  1. wow! die sehen toll aus! ich hab auch trainingsschuhe von nike und bin voll zufrieden! :)

  2. Die sind praktisch gekauft :) seid wann bist du so wie du bist was den style angeht??? Meine Freunde hassen es wenn ich was trage was nicht jeder trägt.. Ich ziehs zwar sowieso an aber ... Ich würde gerne wissen wies bei dir war. Danke schonmal... :***