Mittwoch, 28. September 2011

CHINA WHITE - London 24.06.2011

I visited my friend Julia in London three months ago. The first day started out great with a beautiful weather. You see us at Oxford Circus shopping all day. I am wearing a jeans overall which makes me look like a pilot, but I like it though. After the beautiful shopping day we decided to go out and we choosed the "China White". We had a great night and here are the results of it...


Day one

Helloooo folks..anything new? Well, if you ask me I´ll definitely answer with "yes"! Moving to London and having my first day at university at the same day as I just arrived was quiet busy and stressful but nevertheless it was great!

Hi Laanndaan my new home <3

Samstag, 17. September 2011

Fun Fair Part III

Guess what, I spent the day at the fun fair, again! Eating and driving roaller coasters! Such a beautiful September day. Can´t believe that summer is over and the autum/winter time is knocking on our doors. Today I combined my chilled "Seven for all mankind" bootcut jeans with a summer jacket from "Zara" with some comfortable wedges which I bought from "H&M" two years ago and found them 2day! As it wasn´t so warm, I had to wear a scarf, so I decided to wear my "Louis Vuitton" scarf with the leopard print. I have to tell u guys that I am not a big fan of leopard prints but I liked this one and had to buy it. One of my favorite accessoire that I wore 2day is this beautiful "Yves Saint Laurent" chain in the shape of a heart, which I bought in Berlin this year! Did I mention these glasses!!? My mum used 2 wear them almost 25 years ago! Vintage baby!!

Freitag, 16. September 2011

Funfair Part II

As I told you guys that I am a big fan of funfair´s, of course I had to visit it again as long as it was in my hometown. And I don´t want to lie at you, I guess it was my fourth time in one week! :D

My fav leggings from "Zara", combined with my "Levis" Jeans-Shirt, rocking my "chuck taylor´s" to it.

Funfair Part I

One thing you should know about me is that I am obsessed with sweets. I am one of the biggest funfair fans, not only because of it´s delicious food, but also because of these crazy roller costers. I turn back to a child when I visit funfairs. After 6 weeks vacation on the beach I came back home to Germany and enjoyed a beautiful day with my friends. Combining my transparent blouse from "H&M" with my "Levis" shorts and the Dr. Martens, no one could stop me from eating all these yummy sweets. Did I mention that I am a sunglass collector, well you might see me running around with them in the night!

Donnerstag, 15. September 2011

June 2011

Let go of your fear and take a chance

One of the biggest obstacles to create is fear. We fear that we will be criticized or that we will make a mistake. I’ll admit that it takes courage to express creativity. However, there are also great rewards that come from being creative. The sense of accomplishment and meaningful contribution is enormous. Where would we be if creative geniuses like Thomas Edison, Ben Franklin, and Alexander Graham Bell had been too afraid to express themselves? We can’t be certain that our ideas will be accepted, but it is worth the risk!