Montag, 30. April 2012


Jumper: H&M; Boots: Asos; Hat: Hallhuber

Finally I could feel the beginning of SPRING. The sun was shining and I could see flowers everywhere. My friends from Germany are coming to visit me in two days and all I can say is that it´s gonna be very crazy and I will provide you with a lot of cool pictures in the next days.

I was really busy the last days with uni, work and planning some great things for my blog. STIMULATE IT. will be featured soon in the media. More to that in a few days!

Stay tuned!


Donnerstag, 26. April 2012


Jacket: H&M; Top: H&M; Jeans: Zara; Shoes: Converse; Bag: MCM; Scarf: Louis Vuitton

Finally I could watch the movie Battleship.

As you can see we had way more fun after the movie than during the movie... ;)


Dienstag, 24. April 2012


Blazer: H&M; Dress: Asos; Shoes: Asos; Gloves: D&G; Belt: H&M

I went out for Dinner with my friends, so I thought of a more chic/classic Outfit. I´m really into PENCIL skirts.

What do you guys think?

Like it or not?


Montag, 23. April 2012



Top: Illustrated People; Leggings: Zara; Hat: Topshop; Jacket: Vintage; Shoes: Zara; Rings: H&M

Sonntag, 22. April 2012


Blouse/Dress: Avion en Papier; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell; Bag: H&M; Hat: DC

This week was pretty difficult based on my Outfit Posts. Everytime I tried to take some pictures for ya´ll it was raining!! So we quickly took a few for you guys before we went out for some cocktails.

How do you like my transformation from "Avion en Papier´s" blouse to a dress, combined with my spicy RED Jeffrey Campbell´s and my RED bag?

See you soon...



 Jacket: Hallhuber; Shirt: Carin Wester , Leggings: Carin Wester; Shoes: Dr. Martens, Ring: Asos; Chain: Topshop

No, I am not wearing a pajamas! Although it might look like one. Not only that it is comfortable, I really love the same pattern on shirt and leggings. This two-piece combined with my yellow Dr. Martens made my day.


Mittwoch, 18. April 2012


Jacket: H&M; Scarf: River Island; Leggings: Zara; Sweater: Hallhuber; Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

And here I am week later...back in London...back to Uni...back with my sharp nails...

It was raining the whole day and it really feels like the winter is back. Therefore I had to pull the biggest scarf out of my "winter closet". I love the pattern on this scarf and the fact that it is so big made me wanna buy it last year and it is actually the first time I am wearing it. By the way, YES, I couldn´t really withstand it longer with the straight shape of my nails so I had to change them into my usual shape after just one week ;)


Montag, 16. April 2012


These guys are rockin´ the he*l out of Wale´s song called BAIT.

I really like the dance videos of Lyle Beniga and his crew but this one caught my eyes. They really tried to make a little story out of it. You can definitely see that they took a lot of time and energy to do this.

Thumbs up!


Sonntag, 8. April 2012


Hat: Huf; Jacket: Vintage; Trousers: Hallhuber; Shoes: Vans

On the way to the best ice cream parlor in town, this army bus made me put on the brakes like in the movie "To Fast Too Furious". Hilarious, this car just matched perfectly to my outfit. Of course I had to jump over and take some quick pictures for ya´ll.

Oh yes, before I forget. I´m back in Germany and of course I had to go to the best nail designer in my town. After almost 3 years of having sharp nails looking like claws, I thought I need a change. I love the pink flower design. What do you guys think about the new shape? I have to admit I miss my acute shape. I´m wondering how long I will withstand this!


Nail Designer:

Esther Poursanidou
Facebook: ESTHER`S NAILS BY KARISMA and Esther Poursanidou

Samstag, 7. April 2012


Beanie: Supreme; Jumper: So Popular; Leggings: Zara; Shoes: Vans

EASTER BREAK! And I decided to spend my easter holidays in good old Germany. My Home! I`m here since Monday and I enjoy every day more and more. Before I forget, look who I brought back home with me. My friend Elina from Imperfect Perfectionista. If you guys didn´t know, we both grew up in the same town in Germany and both ended up living in London.

Yesterday, we went to my favourite Japanese Restaurant "Osaka" and after some good sushi and my "Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box" we went to the cinema for the 3D Movie "John Carter". The movie was about 2,5 hours long and I am still wondering that I didn´t fall asleep.

By the way...IT´S TOUGH TO BE SOPOPULAR? Kind of ironic, ain´t it. I borrowed this jumper from my one and only from STIMULATE THE SENSES. We bought it in Berlin last year. The leather details on the elbows and on the written makes it very peerless. This young and dinamic label counts to my favourite ones even though they design only for men. I really love every single piece. Please check out the Designer and his collections.

I´m not sure if you guys recognized my love for hats. I bought this SUPREME beanie two years ago in New York and I still wear it like it´s new. Don´t I look like one of the members of the group from East 17? ;))