Freitag, 30. Dezember 2011

OSAKA - Japanese World

After shopping all day I went to my favourite Japanese restaurant and enjoyed it fully. The weather got pretty cold and I got only one week left till I have to fly back to London. I suppress these thoughts and can´t wait to celebrate New Year´s Eve with my loves.

What are your plans for tomorrow?


Hat: Hallhuber; Fur Vest: Gift from Isha Misha; Shirt: H&M; Leather Trousers: H&M; Shoes: ASOS

Donnerstag, 29. Dezember 2011

A History Of Kicks That Made Us Act Like Cot Damn Fools!

"The original Air Jordan created a subculture of collectors who rarely wore the sneaker but were willing to wait hours to buy the latest pair."

Anyway, let’s look at the shoes that inspired the insanity.

Space Jams - These are the 11th Air Jordans just like the Concords. Around Christmas time a couple of years ago, they were re-released and people went just as crazy as they did last week. They’re famous for MJ rocking them during his movie Space Jam.

Air Yeezy - In 2009, Kanye linked with Nike to release a few Air Yeezys. The shoes only went out to a few stores and the hood went crazy. People were camped out for days and had to spend $300 or so to get a pair. Now, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a pair for less than a stack.

Air Jordan 3 - These originally dropped in the late-80s and had people robbing for kicks. When they were re-released on Black Friday this year people went pretty insane again. Of course it paled in comparison to the Concords a month later.

Louis Vuitton Hudsons - Not only did Ye’ drop the Nikes, he also put out some shoes with Louis Vuitton. Good luck getting these for less than a couple of thousand bucks.

Nike Air Mag - People have been getting ready for these shoes ever since the second Back To The Future movie came out. Now they’ve been released just for auction and for tens of thousands of bucks. How do you wear these and NOT get robbed?

Nike Dunk Tiffany - These are recent releases and people are going Internet crazy over them. They’re Tiffany blue and snakeskin on the leather. You guessed it, they’re going for about a thou.

All shoes availible at flightclubny

Mittwoch, 28. Dezember 2011

young talent


Baked duck, scampi, shrimp, ostrich steak, shark, kangaroo meat, mussels and many more is what you can see on my plate. And yes, all of them are mine. We were almost four hours at this great Asia restaurant eating various things.

Mittwoch, 21. Dezember 2011

La Madera 201211

Yesterday we celebrated my brothers Birthday at a great mexican restaurant in Nürnberg. Since I am home my days are fully packed with eating, from morning till evening. God, I´m about to gain a lot of weight. Anyway, the food was really the best mexican food I´ve ever eaten. I choosed to order the famous "Chimichanga" which makes me still dream about it. A chimichanga is a burrito prepared with a choice of meat, vegetables, and spices. Deep-fried to a golden perfection, with cheese and SPICY sauce. The most important part of the day was my date with my famous nail designer. London, when it comes to that part you have really disappointed me. Finally I could let her create something great on my nails. I would call this creation "bling bling" or "disco ball". Whatever you might call it, you should visit her salon.

Have a wonderful glitter day my loves.


Jeans Jacket: Levis; Tanktop: Chanel printed; Leggins: Zara; Shoes: Dr Martens

Restaurant La Madera                                                                          
Spanische und Mexikanische Spezialitäten                                          
Sperlingstr. 14
90459 Nürnberg

Esther´s Nails                                                                                
Pfälzer Str. 65
90459 Nürnberg

Montag, 19. Dezember 2011

Patisserie Valerie 081212

Thursday after Uni we were running to a nice restaurant at Liverpool Street to enjoy our last dinner for this year. I loooveee food and especially Italian food. As you can see I was jumping around after dinner trying to loose some weight after this delicious calorie bomb! I probably knew where it will lead us to go, that´s why I decided to wear my oversized clothes. I look like I just jumped out of a mexican gang...boom boom*




Sweatshirt: Vintage; Trousers: Levis; Shoes: Vans; Lipstick: MAC

Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011


Quality Time

Guess what I did on my first day back in Germany this Friday...talkin´ to my family? - No, spending time with my friends? - No, going out? - NO!

I was spending my time driving this crazy bitch through my town. As for a car lover like me, it was really hard not to drive a car three months while I was in London. Of course I had to exploit it the very first second as I came back home. Thanks to the nice officer who didn´t took my driver´s license from me because I drove too fast and overlooked the red traffic light! By the way, I already lost my license this year so I was really glad this time :D...After ridin´ dirty, me and my familiy celebrated my cousins sixth Birthday at a great Greek restaurant.

Have a blessing Sunday folks.


Blazer: Zara; Blouse: Zara; Trousers: Airfield; Shoes: ASOS; Bag: Chanel

Freitag, 16. Dezember 2011


GLOW IN THE DARK was the theme of the night on Monday. Just the perfect theme for me! Beeing allowed to run around with crazy glowing colors all over. It was my last Monday at the legendary club Cirque du soir in London this year. I just arrived back home in Germany and will stay for three weeks to see my family and friends I haven´t seen the last three months. See you in 2012 London!


Blouse: Zara; Leggins: American Apparel; Shoes: Vintage