Mittwoch, 30. Mai 2012


I do have to apologize for my absence in the last days but I needed some free time during my vacation in Germany, so I could make sure to enjoy and relax every single minute with my family & friends. I booked spontaneously a ticket home as I finished my first year at university last week! The summer arrived, it is hot and I wanted to show you guys what I did in the last few days. Here are some images of my cocktail & ice cream days, my walks through the city, my cinema night watching "Men in Black III", my personal means of transportation, my brother mixing me the best strawberry daiquiri and my 1 kg shrimp menu.

I hope you guys can find some relaxing moments while the weather is so beautiful.

By the way, next Tuesday I am going to "Frankfurt" to WATCH THE THRONE. Yes, that´s right, I am going to Mr. Hova and Yeezy and can´t wait to tell you about the concert.