Sonntag, 18. Dezember 2011

Quality Time

Guess what I did on my first day back in Germany this Friday...talkin´ to my family? - No, spending time with my friends? - No, going out? - NO!

I was spending my time driving this crazy bitch through my town. As for a car lover like me, it was really hard not to drive a car three months while I was in London. Of course I had to exploit it the very first second as I came back home. Thanks to the nice officer who didn´t took my driver´s license from me because I drove too fast and overlooked the red traffic light! By the way, I already lost my license this year so I was really glad this time :D...After ridin´ dirty, me and my familiy celebrated my cousins sixth Birthday at a great Greek restaurant.

Have a blessing Sunday folks.


Blazer: Zara; Blouse: Zara; Trousers: Airfield; Shoes: ASOS; Bag: Chanel


  1. auotfahren hab ich auch so vermisst!!!
    hoffe du lässt es dir weiterhin gut gehen mein schatz!

  2. hahaha uhuu frei miii schon auf unseren ersten montag abend!du weisst was das heisst..und duuuu hast keene wahl..kuuusss*