Montag, 14. November 2011

live the life you want to remember. make decision. make mistake. if you fall, at least you tried.

There is nothing better than spending the evening in a nice restaurant, eating one of my fav salads and watching a great movie in the cinema. I am a big fan of movies, unfortunately I tend to forget which movie I´ve seen or I just forget the content after a while. Another funny secret about me is that I fall asleep easily while whatching a movie! I watched Justin Timberlake´s new movie "In Time". I liked the movie but there wasn´t enough action if you ask me. We kids in London had pretty much luck with the weather the last weeks. Sad that it turned so cold today. As you can see I refuse to wear my winter jacket. Wondering how long I can run through this! I bought this Shirt that I am wearing in Milan. The words on it are so true. Try everything you want and you dream about! Everything your heart desires. Let no one tell you what you can or can not achieve!

Took the pics with my iPhone.. Sry for the bad quality!

Hope you had a great Monday.
See you folks.


Jeans Jacket: Tommy Hilfilger, Tshirt: Vintage, Scarf: Louis Vuitton, Jeans Trousers: Dsquared, Shoes: Nike Air "Jordan" Flight, Bag: MCM

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