Samstag, 22. Oktober 2011

Home Sweet Home

Nürnberg(Nuremberg), my hometown in Germany where I was born and grew up. I know every corner, every bar and club, and it feels like I know almost every single person who lives there. About 500 000 inhabitans which makes me feel like it´s a village compared with London and it´s 8 000 000 inhabitants. Not having your own car and getting used to tubes and overgrounds, buses and taxis that make you broke. I´ve been living in London for almost four weeks now, which means the last time I´ve did my nails was over four weeks and I am pretty surprised that my claws are still alive. I´m desperately looking for a new nail designer in London, and guess what, its f**** harder as I thought. If someone out there knows a good nail designer, PLEASE LET ME KNOW. To be honest with you, I miss this little town. Everything is so near and so uncomplicated, not hectic and not loud. Well, this life is over now. Gentiana, welcome to London! ;) If you are in Nürnberg/Germany, make sure to go to "Tapasitos". Great spanish tapas/food and delicious cocktails.

Spanish Restaurant
Adlerstraße 22
90403 Nürnberg

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