Samstag, 17. September 2011

Fun Fair Part III

Guess what, I spent the day at the fun fair, again! Eating and driving roaller coasters! Such a beautiful September day. Can´t believe that summer is over and the autum/winter time is knocking on our doors. Today I combined my chilled "Seven for all mankind" bootcut jeans with a summer jacket from "Zara" with some comfortable wedges which I bought from "H&M" two years ago and found them 2day! As it wasn´t so warm, I had to wear a scarf, so I decided to wear my "Louis Vuitton" scarf with the leopard print. I have to tell u guys that I am not a big fan of leopard prints but I liked this one and had to buy it. One of my favorite accessoire that I wore 2day is this beautiful "Yves Saint Laurent" chain in the shape of a heart, which I bought in Berlin this year! Did I mention these glasses!!? My mum used 2 wear them almost 25 years ago! Vintage baby!!

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